Our expertise is based on many years of experience in activities on the market of research and training services. We have support of our team where talented and experienced co-workers are active. We have appropriate competences in choosing and implementing the right tools as well as experience in designing practical solutions based on the necessary theoretical knowledge.
Our expertise was gathered since 2006 as a result of our work in projects implementation supported by our experts. In the projects implementation, the best international practices were used. It resulted in introduction to the business practice several new, innovative solutions.
In the area of research, consulting and training, we offer evaluation and analytical service concerning labor market analysis, statistical analysis and forecasting of socio economic data along with the diagnosis of training needs. We offer marketing tools to design create and support company’s image of companies. We offer also analogues service for leading persons active in business or politics.
Our approach in providing best instruments to improve key competences and team work efficiency, to speed up individual development and to counteract professional burnout consist in model based and holistic actions. In designing instruments, newest scientific achievements in economics, psychology, marketing and sociological research or cultural theory are introduced.
Cooperation with educational institutions is an important tool in our day to day operation. Thanks to this, we have developed effective pedagogical solutions in the field of teaching science.
We are active in the preparation, funds acquisition and implementation of projects financed from European funds. In the area of our European projects, we address support for persons having problems on thelabormarket, in particular people with disabilities.

Dorota Kwiatkowska - Ciotucha

PhD in Economics, President of the Board of Dobre Kadry Sp. z o.o. Co-author of all projects implemented by the company. Since 1998 manager of more than 20 national and international research and training projects. Ex post evaluation expert in the Leonardo da Vinci program. Expert of The Polish Ministry of Regional Development for Projects financed by the European Social Funds in fields such as: education, adaptability of enterprises, international cooperation. Extensive research experience, author and co-author of numerous scientific publications, including those on EU funds and project management. Extensive teaching experience ...

Urszula Załuska

Ph.D. in Economics, Vice President of the Board of Dobre Kadry Sp. z o.o. Co-author of all projects implemented by the company. Teaching practice in the subject of fundraising, evaluation and management of EU projects at schools and university (I, II, III degree and post diploma students, LL courses). Involved in implementation ...

Ida Bednarczyk

A graduate from The Wroclaw University of Economics. Completed Postgraduate Studies in Accounting and Financial Control as well as numerous trainings and courses on financial and accounting issues and settlement of projects financed from European Union funds. Financial and accounting and HR and payroll specialist. Many years of experience ...

Żeneta Jaworska

A graduate from the Faculty of Computer Science and Management at the Wrocław University of Technology. Since 2000, a trainer in the area of MS Office and MS Project. Certificate of a facilitator - APMG International ™ Facilitation certificate. Extensive experience in preparing training programs and running computer workshops dedicated to representatives of various social ...

Xymena Dombrowska

A student of the Wroclaw University of Health and Sport Sciences, major in physiotherapy, currently in the fifth year of studies. From 2019, an administrative and office employee of the Center, the person responsible for the recruitment of participants and the organizational side of the training. Individual approach, communication and understanding allow you to motivate new people to participate in training.

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