Assessment of the accessibility of tourist places for people with disabilities – an initial survey

This survey has been designed to verify sites and facilities related to the tourist industry in terms of their preparation to service people with disabilities. While creating this tool, we took care of its universality. The survey is primarily targeted at tourist offices, but also includes questions / statements that can be applied to hotels, museums, temples, churches, gardens, etc.

The survey has been divided into two parts. The first part is dedicated to the assessment of an offer of a tourist office or another facility connected with the tourist industry and its suitability for people with disabilities. The second part is an audit of a given facility and its surroundings in terms of accessibility. We hope that completing this survey will allow an objective evaluation of the availability of tourist offices and adjustment of their offers to the needs of people with disabilities. We also expect that it will enable the assessment of training needs in this area. We kindly ask you to complete this survey in an accurate way and in accordance with the facts.

When completing the survey, please use “Yes”, “No” or “Don’t know” for specific statements or questions.

Part I. Availability of an offer for people with disabilities; training needs

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