Mature people

Mature people

Rural Women’s Clubs – Locally Active in Traditions and Tourism (06.2023 – 07.2024, co-funded by the European Union, Erasmus+ Program, budget €60,000)

Leader: Koło Gospodyń Wiejskich „Czapla” w Jesionce
The main objective of the project is to increase the diversity of the offer of rural women’s organizations from Poland, Greece and Cyprus, allowing for increasing the effectiveness of educational activities for local communities. Thanks to international cooperation, we want to expand and make the activities of women’s organizations in small local communities more attractive and thus encourage a larger group of residents to participate in activities organized by these entities. The project will include three study visits, during which partners will learn about local customs, cuisine and activities for the benefit of the local community. The first meeting will take place in mid-June 2023 in Poland, in Wrocław and in Jesionka. The second meeting is planned for the end of September 2023 in Larnaca, Cyprus, and the third meeting for April 2024 in Livadi, Greece. We plan to develop three results. These will be collections of good practices, activities and educational activities that can be carried out by farmer’s housewives’ associations for the benefit of local communities. The topics of individual results include: local traditions, local specialties and culinary preparations, activities for the benefit of tourism and sport, with particular emphasis on ecological issues.

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Invest in yourself – it is never too late. The model of increasing the access of people aged 50+ to various forms of lifelong learning – (10.2016 – 03.2019, European Social Fund, budget €220,000)

Transnational cooperation project implemented in partnership with the Education Center from Gondomar (Portugal) and the University of Technology and Humanities in Bielsko-Biała. The main goal of the project is to develop, test and implement new solutions in the area of increasing the access of mature people (aged 50+) to various forms of lifelong learning. The 'Invest in yourself’ model developed in the project allowed for a more comprehensive and more effective solution to the problem of increasing the motivation and interest of people aged 50+ in participation in various forms of lifelong learning.


Karta 1 Wprowadzenie

Karta 2 Program szkoleń dla grupy użytkowników

Karta 3 Motywowanie osób

Karta 4 Poradnik dla organizatorów

Karta 5 Program szkoleń dla osób dojrzałych

Karta 6 Szkolenia

Karta 7 Poradnik dla osób dojrzałych

Artykuł Econometrics

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Silver Team – experienced power – (06.2011 – 05.2013, European Social Fund, budget €280,000)

An innovative project. The aim was to develop new, effective solutions in the area of professional and social activation of professionally inactive people from older age groups (age 50+ was accepted). The result was the Experienced employee package.


Strategie zarządzania

Programy szkoleń

Poradnik trenera

Nisze rynkowe


Doswiadczony pracownik jako MTC

Raport Italy for Polish Project

Raport Portugal for Polish Project

Report Sweden for Polish project

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A series of training projects for mature people (40+, 45+, 50+) 

Qualifications are worth raising at any age. Training package for people over forty 

A training package for people with extensive professional experience 

Good staff of all ages 

Projects addressed to working mature people (aged respectively 40+, 45+, 50+). Training concerned raising key competences in the area of ICT (computer and office applications) and foreign language learning (English, Russian, German) In total, nearly 700 people benefited from the training in three projects, it is worth noting that many participants of the first project continued their education in subsequent editions, many recommended our projects to their friends. The value of three projects in total: about €250,000.

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Time4Help – (12.2018 – 07.2021, European Social Fund, budget €200,000)

A transnational cooperation project implemented in partnership with the South-Eastern Finnish University of Applied Sciences (XAMK, Kotka, Finland), Fundación Acción Contra El Hambre (Madrid, Spain) and Odisee vzw Higher Institute for Family Studies (Brussels, Belgium). The aim of the project is to develop, test and implement new solutions to support mature women (aged 45-65) through various forms of lifelong learning. Primary and secondary (semiotic) research planned in the project allows for in-depth examination of the problem of mature women’s risks and diagnosis of needs. The result of the project will be a comprehensive Time4Help tool consisting of seven parts: 1. The concept of a comprehensive support model for mature women, 2. Organization of mature women’s education adapted to the needs and possibilities: traditional learning, e-learning, blended learning, 3. Training programs and training materials for mature women – area of key and social competences, 4. Training programs and training materials for mature women – area of entrepreneurship, creativity, running own business, 5. Concept of on-line service supporting mature women, 6. Seminar program for employers, employment agencies and training institutions concerning support for mature women, 7. A tool for mature women to assess in which direction to develop, what competences to strengthen.


Care responsibilities affect women’s working lives